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Podcast Feature: Kevin Lane's Spill Your Guts Episode #118 - Holiday Horrors with Matthew DuPée

If you're not already familiar with the talents of Kevin Lane, a Canadian filmmaker and horror historian, check out his incredible Spill Your Guts podcast and thank me later. Back in June of 2022, shortly after A Scary Little Christmas made its quirky early summer debut, Kevin and his production team were among the first to reach out to me to learn more about the book and the literary journey it took to get this work published. After receiving and reading the book, Kevin and his team enthusiastically invited me as a guest to talk all things Christmas horror for a specially scheduled holiday horror episode earmarked to drop right before Christmas.

Before I go any further, I'd like to thank Kevin and his production team once again for such a great opportunity, and as any horror aficionado knows, having time to candidly speak about a shared love for horror films and the Christmas horror subgenre with someone as knowledgeable and passionate as Kevin you know you're in for a special moment. Kevin thought it be fun to compare notes on our too 5 favorite Christmas horror films and some honorable mentions (SO MANY!), which are presented below. But, for a more in depth conversation about these films and how my literary journey began for A Scary Little Christmas, enjoy listening from the link below or your preferred podcast-listening venue. I'm incredibly humbled and pleased to have been part of this great podcast. Be sure to subscribe to Kevin Lane's Spill Your Guts podcast and check out season one's jaw-dropping lineup of horror heavies and fan favorites.

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